Government Incentives

Government Feed-in-Tariff Scheme

Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) are payments made to homeowners, landlords and businesses for the generation of renewable electricity. You will receive your tariff rate for the amount of energy your system produces and an even greater tariff rate for the amount of unused energy you produce.

Renewable electricity: it pays

Apart from creating your own free electricity from your solar PV system, you will receive payment for every unit of energy (kWh) your system produces, making solar PV a profitable energy source. These payments are known as Generation tariffs, which you will receive whether you use the energy or not. The other benefit of solar power is for every surplus unit you send back to The National Grid, you will receive 4.85p, known as Export tariffs.

Index-linked for 20 years

The Feed-in Tariffs are index-linked for 20 years for solar PV systems, and will only change in accordance with the retail price index. Although expensive initially, solar PV is an investment that will repay itself in years to come.

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Feed in Tariff Rates Latest

  • 4.85p for each unit of electricity exported to the grid
  • 4.39p for each unit (KWH) generated 0-10KW systems and for 10-50KW Systems 4.59p
  • The tariff will be paid for 20 years
  • FiTs will continue to increase with inflation (RPI)