Biomass Boilers

Sands Renewables is dedicated to providing carbon neutral energy solutions at affordable prices for our customers across Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Essex.

Our biomass boilers produce heating at temperatures similar to traditional fossil fuel boilers but have the advantage of having a neutral carbon cycle. This is because they are powered by wood pellets – the carbon is taken from the atmosphere while the tree was growing, and returned to it when it is burned. A continuous programme of replanting ensures the CO2 produced by burning is taken up by new growth.

The wood pellets are typically noticeably cheaper than the fossil fuels you currently use for your boiler, including gas. The greatest savings are to be made when replacing boilers powered by oil, electricity or liquefied petroleum gas.

Cost savings also come from the fact that oil and gas prices are affected far more by global politics. Wood pellets, on the other hand, have a steady local supply, as they are made from what would otherwise be wasted wood from agriculture, forestry and other industries.

Furthermore, the government pays a fixed sum for the heat produced by commercial and domestic wood pellet boilers, as specified in the Renewable Heat Incentives. The sum is fixed for a period of up to 18 years and pays over 8p/kWh.

Sands Renewables biomass boilers can be retro-fitted to most existing systems without requiring any major adjustments.

The boiler itself is very clean with efficiencies of up to 95%, and delivers improved energy performance ratings for buildings. It also requires hardly any maintenance, with the ash bin unlikely to require emptying more than twice a year. The delivery system is fully automated, with wood pellets automatically fed in from storage tanks.

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